1980 Strike Gdansk Shipyard
Solidarity 21 Demands Solidarnosc
Solidarity - Solidarnosc
Police arrest Polish civilians - Solidarity Movement
Poland Cold War Years
Poland Cold War Years lineups
Poland Cold War Years rationing
Poland Cold War years - milk ration card
Poland Solidarnosc Mothers on Hunger Strike
Poland Solidarnosc Farmers Demonstration
Solidarnosc Lech Walesa speaking to crowd of supporters
Shipyard Workers on wall - Solidarnosc
Solidarnosc Leaflet Interfactory Committee
Solidarity Solidarnosc 21 x Tak_21 x Yes
Solidarnosc Demonstration Poland
Gdansk Workers surround Tank Solidarnosc
Solidarnosc Leaflet calling for Nation Wide Strike March 27 1981
Solidarnosc Poster- Soviet tank
1980 Strike Gdansk Shipping Yard
Police arrest civilians unlawfully
Solidarnosc 21 demands written on wooden tablets
Ration card for milk
Daily life for Poles: empty store shelves and long waiting lines
Mothers on a Hunger March
Farmers demonstration
Lech Walesa addressing Gdansk Strikers
Leaflet Interfactory Committee
21 times YES
Solidarnosc Leaflet calling for Nation Wide Strike
March 27, 1981