"Człowieniu, Człowieniu" / reż Paweł Bogocz
Skankan has performed in many concerts at Polish and international clubs, such as  Jaszczury, City Krakoff, Club 38, Renewal, Proxima, Rivera
Repair, Mega Club and Trout.   Skankan has also appeared at festivals such as: Ska Fest - Bad Muskau 96 ', Ska & Reggae in Prague 97',
1995-1999 Woodstock and punk Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2000.  They appeared as well on many television shows and participated at
the Fair for the Finale TVP2  and Bike Blaise.

The group toured Germany in the summer of 1996 promoting their album "Ska Trax The Next Generation".  A year later, they took part in the
Rotunda in Krakow and won third place. At Krakow festival they were received wildly by appreciative fans.  In 2000, they were honoured by TV
Katowice by a program broadcasted entirely devoted to the band. They also recorded the soundtrack for the M. Herby film, called "Blind Date."

Szczepan. Stephen - drums
Wojciech, Wojciech - saxophone
Dareczek.a Dareczek - Guitar
Małpa, Monkey - bass
Garczek, Garczek - Vocals

Some of their songs:

Feel it
"Black and White"
piosenka nie o milosci

source: Wikipedia Polska and You Tube