Taxi Driver - English
Skambomambo - the band was formed in 2000 in Szczecin Poland. But the lead singer Mario Cordina is a citizen of Malta. Its been called a
"square" kind of ska, with a fusion of pop, punk, swing, rock steady, reggae.  As they say: "We play a joyful SKA,  and something that can not
be categorized.  Our inspiration is derived from the diversity of our various musical interests, as each of us have other passions.

In October 2008 the band was selected for the final Pepsi Vena Music Festival 2008, where they played in Lodz 10.04.2008. Vena Festival is
one of the leading, prestigious festivals in the Polish music industry. Their greatest hits include: Made in Poland, Taxi Driver, Big City Life.

Some of their songs::
Made in Polska
"Skalleluja !!" (live 2009)
"GO!" live/Szczecin\

source: and You Tube