Strachy Na Lachy  
Strachy Na Lachy - Piła tango
Strachy Na Lachy is a Polish rock band. The full name was Międzymiastówka Muzykująca Strachy Na Lachy, but was originally known as
Grabaż + Ktoś Tam Jeszcze, which later changed to Graż i Strachy Na Lachy.

Strachy na Lachy (translated as Empty Threats) is the second group formed by Krzysztof "Grabaż" Grabowski and Andrzej "Kozak"
Kozakiewicz. With this new band the style of their music shifted to softer melodies, and rock ballads.  In August 2003, Strachy na Lachy
released their first record. By the end of 2005, their second album, Pila Tango was released, and the title track became an instant smash
hit.  The artwork for the album cover was created by Vahan Bego,  an Armenian artist.

In 2007 the band produced a tribute album to Jacek Kaczmarski and a year later another album dedicated to the all the Polish anti-
communist underground musicians. The album was called Zakazane Piosenki, (Forbidden Songs.)

The band plays frequent gigs at Piwnica 21 Club in Poznan.


Krzysztof "Grabaż" Grabowski - vocals and guitar
Andrzej "Kozak" Kozakiewicz - guitar and vocals
Rafał "Kuzyn" Piotrkowiak - drums
Longin "Lo" Bartkowiak - bass and vocals
Mariusz "Maniek" Nalepa - almost everything (except bass)
Sebastian "Anem" Czajkowski - keyboards & vocals
Arkadiusz "Pan Areczek" Rejda - accordion


2003 – Strachy na Lachy
2005 – Piła Tango
2007 – Autor
2008 – Zakazane Piosenki
2010 – Dodekafonia


2005 – Dzień dobry kocham Cię
2006 – Piła Tango
2006 – Moralne Salto
2007 – Jedna taka szansa na 100
2008 – Po prostu pastelowe
2009 – Żyję w kraju
2010 – Ostatki - Nie Widzisz Stawki

source: Wikipedia and You Tube