SBB stands for Silesian Blues Band, later renamed Szukaj, Burz, Buduj, which is Polish for "Search, Break up, Build") . SBB  was one of the
most popular groups of Polish progressive rock. The band was formed in 1971 by Jozef Skrzek (vocalist),  Apostolis "Lakis" Anthimos (on
guitar), born in Poland of Greek immigrants, and Jerzy Piotrowski (on drums).Together they were described as " The three musicians that
revolutionized Polish rock."

The group has toured extensively all over Europe - Czechoslovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Denmark, as well as the United States and
won high acclaim in Poland.  By the end of 1971 they began to collaborate with Czeslaw Niemen, and formed a group called Niemen, the
members who worked together for the next eighteen months, appearing at the Rock and Jazz Now Festival in Munich, and other festivals
throughout Europe, and Poland.  Their association culminated in the release of four studio albums after which the group was dissolved.

The band's debut album was recorded live in April 1974, and sold out immediately. Copies were selling in the black market at double the price.
Their albums tracks recalled the musical wizardry of Jimi Hendrix and Cream, and resounded with frenetic guitar solos, lyrical piano solos, and
distorted bass chords (the latter, a trademark of SBB). In the subsequent months, SBB's tour schedule was filled to overflowing touring Poland,
East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.  Soon after they produced their second album New Horizon, and the single releases that followed
were Memory and With A Word In Hand I Run To You.

With every new album the band's style drifted further away from the unrestrained free-rock of their first album. Their experimentation with
synthesizers expanded their sound and enabled them to develop a lavish multi-track technique. SBB worked with other musicians of note during
projects and concerts, such greats as Tomasz Stanko and Tomasz Szukalski - jazz superstars in Poland, and Halina Frackowiak, among others.

In 1977 SBB signed with Aries, a German company from Gottingen, to represent them in the Western market. The result was a whirlwind tour
through West Germany, Denmark and other countries from behind the Iron Curtain. Their album, Follow My Dream, recorded in November
1977, was the first of their albums to hit the Western market.  In the following year, the album Welcome was also released after which the band
toured constantly - their appearance at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark marked as simply unforgettable. Without missing a beat, SBB
recorded more albums, this time for the too-long neglected Eastern European market.

With the arrival of a new member in 1979, Slawomir Piwowar (formerly of Paradox and Niemen Aerolit), the band was able revitalize itself after
years of gruelling recording and concert sessions.  They went on tour again and followed up with the production of an album called Memento
With A Banal Tryptch.  It was the last album of that era, but one which showed the degree to which SBB matured as a band. Their tour in West
Germany would be their last.

In 1991 the SBB made a comeback performing at a concert called "Three Decades of Rock" organized by Franciszek Walicki in Sopot. The
results were less than desired and did not amount to anything.  It wasn't until 1993 that SBB was asked to do a charity concert in Katowice.  
With the addition of Janusz Hryniewicz and Andrzej Rusek as guests they went on tour in 1993 and 1994 and a series of concerts in Polish-
American clubs in the US. The tour ended up with a new release called Live In America.  It was then that SBB finally disbanded, with Piotrowski
opting to stay in America.

The band made another comeback in 1998 this time with Miroslaw Muzykant, a young drummer. They recorded three live albums featuring
reworked material and one new track called Quite Calm Tiredness. In December 1999, Myzykant quit due to musical disagreements, leaving the
band drummer-less before their next concert in Germany in May 2000. Through a friend, they found Paul Wertico (formerly Pat Metheny Group)
to replace Muzykant.

After a spring tour in 2001, they took a short break and headed to Propast Studio near Prague to record their first album since 1980, the EP
The Golden Harp. The next two years were a hectic round of meetings and gigs,and promotions for the Moods album and archived CDs from
Sopot in '78, Karlstad '75, Gottingen '77, and Jazz Jamboree '79.

In 2004, they performed a series of five concerts in Poland which were enormously successful. The musicians gave a memorable performance,
combining past elements with new ideas and sought constantly to "seek, break, and build....."  

They set off in 2005 on tours around Poland and produced yet another studio album entitled New Century, produced by Mack, and available in
three different editions.  In 2006 SBB played at the Baja Prog festival in Mexico, and were the special guests of Deep Purple on their Polish
gigs.  SBB also re-released CDs called "Lost Tapes", a set of 9CDs in two boxes,  containing bonus recordings as well as some oldies from the

SBB members

Józef Skrzek – bass guitar, lead singer, keyboards, harmonica
Jerzy Piotrowski (until 1994) – drums
Apostolis Anthimos – guitar, drums
Sławomir Piwowar (1979–1980) – guitar
Andrzej Rusek (1993–94) – bass guitar
Mirosław Muzykant (1998–1999) – drums
Paul Wertico (2000–2007) – drums
Gabor Nemeth (2007-) – drums


1971 Niemen - Strange Is This World (CBS)
1972 Niemen - Ode to Venus (CBS)
1972 Niemen - Niemen Vol. 1 (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
1972 Niemen - Niemen Vol. 2 (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
1974 SBB (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
1975 Nowy horyzont [New Horizons] (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
1975 Pamięć [A Memory] (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
1977 Halina Frąckowiak - Geira (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
1977 Ze słowem biegnę do ciebie (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
1977 Jerzyk [Hedgehock] (Wifon)
1978 ''Wołanie o brzęk szkła (Supraphon)
1978 Follow My Dream (Spiegelei-Intercord)
1978 SBB [alternate title: Amiga Album] (Amiga)
1979 Welcome (Wifon/Spiegelei-Intercord)
1980 Memento z banalnym tryptykiem (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
1994 Live 1993' (Stuff)
1994 Live In America '94 (Radio Katowice)
1999 Absolutely Live '98 (Yesterday)
1999 SBB w filharmonii: akt 1 i 2 (2 CD, Yesterday)
2000 Good Bye! (Moskito Records)
2001 Nastroje (Jazz'N'Java)
2001 Karlstad - Live 1975 (Koch International)
2001 Budai Ifjusagi Park 1977 (Koch International)
2002 Trio - Live Tournee 2001 (CD Silesia)
2002 Freedom - Live Sopot 1978 (CD Silesia)
2003 Wizje [Visions] (book + CD, CD Silesia)
2004 Szczęśliwi z miasta N. (DVD, Silesia)
2004 22.10.1977 Göttigen, Alte Ziegelei (CD Silesia)
2004 Anthology 1974-2004 (22 CD box, Metal Mind Productions)
2004 Follow My Dream (DVD, Metal Mind Productions)
2005 Odlot - Live 2004 [Carry Me Away] (CD Silesia)
2005 New Century (Metal Mind Productions)
2005 Lost Tapes, vol. 1 (9 CD box, Metal Mind Productions)
2005 Live In Theatre 2005 (DVD + CD, Metal Mind Productions)
2006 Live In Spodek 2006 (Metal Mind Productions)
2006 Live 1979 (DVD, Metal Mind Productions)
2006 Lost Tapes, vol. 2 (9 CD box, Metal Mind Productions)
2007 The Rock (Metal Mind Productions)
2007 Live In Marburg 1980 - The Final Concert (2 CD, e-Silesia)
2007 Four Decades (DVD + CD, Metal Mind Productions)
2007 The Complete Tapes 1974 (2 CD, Metal Mind Productions)
2008 Live In Neckargemünd 1978 - From A Town Called N. (2 CD, e-Silesia)
2008 Roskilde 1978 (Metal Mind Productions)
2009 Iron Curtain (Metal Mind Productions)
2009 Live In Köln 1978 - In The Shadow Of The Dom (2 CD, e-Silesia)
2009 Niemen - Kattorna/Pamflet na ludzkość [Kattorna: Jazz Jamboree 1972/Lampoon for Mankind: Jazz Jamboree 1975] (Polskie Radio)
2009 Live In Opole 1974 - Rock przez cały rok (e-Silesia)
2009 Live In Theatre 2005 (Metal Mind Productions)
2009 Behind The Iron Curtain (DVD + 2 CD, Metal Mind Productions)
2009 Live In Frankfurt 1977 - Follow My Music (2 CD, e-Silesia)
2009 Live In Sopot 1978 - Extended Freedom (2 CD, e-Silesia)
2009 Four Decades (2 CD, Metal Mind Productions)
2009 Live In Czechoslovakia 1980 - Three Quarters (2 CD, e-Silesia)
2009 Malczewski: muzyka ze spektaklu teatralnego i widowisk TV [ Malczewski: music from the theatre and TV performance] (3 CD, e-Silesia)

source: Wikipedia
I love SBB, I am from Cuba , the communism brought misery and suffering to my
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