Republika - Moja Angelika
Republika is a Polish rock band which began in 1980 in Torun, Poland and became one of the most original European bands for its anti-
mainstream rock & roll songs and signature black-and-white genre. Their lyrics and music, inspired by new wave music blazed a path into the
Polish rock pantheon.

On November 1981, Republika debuted at a new wave band concert in Torun.   In June 1982 the band got to work on what would be a  three-
month long recording session.  It resulted in the production of a classic - 1983 album Nowe Sytuacje. Within a year, Republika produced
another recording, Nieustanne Tango, and followed the anti-regime musical ideas established in their debut album. They also released an
English-language album, the forboding Orwellian title,1984.

Because of artistic differences, Republika disbanded in summer 1986 and Grzegorz Ciechowski launched his solo career as Obywatel
(Citizen) G.C.; Kuczynski, Krzywanski and Ciesielski, along with vocalist Robert Gawlinski formed the band, Opera.

In 1986 Obywatel G.C. realeased his first solo album, by the same name, Obywatel G.C. using unreleased songs recorded by Republika.  It
was an artistic success though not a commercial one. Conversely, his 1988 effort, which was rather sophomirc, Tak! Tak! Tak! was a huge

In 1990, a concert in Opole provided the catalyst for Republika's to reunite, but Kuczynski refused to return and was replaced by Leszek
Biolik.  So Republika was reborn as a trio, and released their comeback album in 1991, entitled Obywatel Swiata (Citizen of the World.)

In 1993 Republika recorded their classic album Siodma Pieczec, containing tracks of a more acoustic sound with keyboards and samplers
replaced by piano.  In 1995, they released  their last album, Republika Marzen. Grzegorz Ciechowski died from a sudden cardiac arrest on
December 22, 2001. The group was in the middle of their next Republika album.  They combined the four finished tracks along with 15 live
songs for a double-CD simply titled Republika.


Grzegorz Ciechowski - vocals, keyboards, flute (1957-2001)
Sławomir Ciesielski - drums, vocals
Zbyszek Krzywański - guitar, vocals
Paweł Kuczyński - bass guitar (1981-1986)
Leszek Biolik - bass guitar (1991-2001)


Studio albums

Nowe sytuacje (1983)
o English: New Situations
1984 (1984) (This was an English-language version of Nowe sytuacje, released in the UK by the Mega Organisation Ltd.)
Nieustanne tango (1984)
o English: Incessant tango
1991 (1991)
Siódma pieczęć (1993)
o English: The Seventh Seal
Republika marzeń (1995)
o English: Republic of Dreams
Masakra (1998)
o English: Massacre

Other Albums

Bez prądu (1993)
o English: Unplugged
82-85 (1995)
Biała flaga (1999)
o English: White Flag
Republika (2002)
o English: Republic
Komplet (2003)
o English: Box Set

source: Wikipedia
Grzegorz Ciechowski
Leszek Biolik