Czerwone Gitary
Czerwone Gitary (The Red Guitars) is a Polish rock band which gained widespread acclaim throughout Europe in the 60s and 70s  often being referred
to as the "Polish Beatles". They launched their first tour in Poland with the slogan " We play and sing the loudest!"

Their first album in 1966, entitled Wlasnie  (translated, "It's Us") sold 160,000 copies, which by Polish standards was quite phenomenal. Within a few
months their second album hit the charts selling 240,000.  They won numerous awards at the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole as well as a
MIDEM (1969) award in Cannes for having sold the most records in Poland.  Incidentally it was the same year in which the Beatles also received the same
award!  They also received a special award from Polish Billboard magazine.

Czerwone Gitary made Polish music history, becoming the most beloved rock band of all time.  Their songs became instant classics  They had briefly
stopped performing in the 1980s but had reformed in the 90s.  At first they continued to play only the old hits, but in 1998 they released their first new
album called Jeszcze gra muzyka (Still the Music Plays).  

In a poll conducted by Polityka, a Polish magazine, (in 2000) Czerwone Gitary was named as "One of the Best Polish Bands of the 20th Century".  

List of Current and Former Members:

Jerzy Kossela (guitar, vocal, founder, leader, left in 1967, returned in 1991, still in the band as of 2010)
Henryk Zomerski (drums, founder, left the band soon after it was founded, in late 1965; still in the band since 1999)
Bernard Dornowski (guitar, one of the original members, left in 1999)
Jerzy Skrzypczyk (drums, one of the original members, still in the band as of 2010)
Krzysztof Klenczon (bass, one of the original members; left in 1970)
Seweryn Krajewski (guitar, replaced Zomerski in December 1965; left in 1997)
Dominik Kuta (briefly in 1970)
Ryszard Kaczmarek (1971-1975)
Jan Pospieszalski (guitar, 1976-1980)
Wojciech Hoffman (guitar, 1997-2000)
Arkadiusz Malinowski (guitar, bass, 1999-2002)
Dariusz Olszewski (2000-2003)
Mieczysław Wądołowski (guitar, vocal, joined 1997, still in the band as of 2010)
Marek Kisieliński (guitar, joined 2003, still in the band as of 2010)
Arkadiusz Wiśniewski (guitar, bass, vocal, joined in 2002, still in the band as of 2010)

Top Hits In 2007

Nie mów nic (Say Nothing)
Nie zadzieraj nosa (Don’t Be Stuck Up)
Historia jednej znajomosci (A Story Of A Relationship)
Matura (A-Levels)
Co za dziewczyna (What A Girl)
Stracić kogoś (Losing Someone)
Takie ładne oczy (What Pretty Eyes) Won an award at National Festival of Polish Songs in Opole
Dozwolone do lat 18-tu (Permitted Until Eighteen)
Kwiaty we włosach (Flowers In The Hair)
Anna Maria (Anne Marie)
Biały krzyż (The White Cross)  Award from Billboard Magazine
Płoną góry, płoną lasy (Mountains Burn, Forests Burn)
Niebo z moich stron (The Sky Where I'm From)
Ciągle pada (It Keeps Raining)  
Dzień jeden w roku (The One Day In A Year)
Nie spoczniemy (We Won't Rest)
Remedium (The Remedy)

Albums   Czerwone Gitary produced a total of  82 albums. The following are a list of just a few of them.

To właśnie my (1966)
Czerwone Gitary 2 (1967)
Czerwone Gitary 3 (1968)
Na fujarce (1970)
Spokój serca (1971)
Consuela (in German, 1971)
Rytm Ziemi (1974)
Dzień jeden w roku (1976)
Port piratów (1976)
Rote Gitarren (in German, 1978)
...jeszcze gra muzyka (1998)
OK (2005)
Historia jednej znajomości... (2007)

source: Wikipedia