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Coma is a Polish rock band founded in June 1998 in Łódź. Their achieved their first success with the release of the single Skaczemy / Pasażer.
At the end of 2003 they signed up with BMG Poland who produced their first record Pierwsze wyjście z mroku (First emergence from darkness).
Before they even released their first album their popularity grew considerably. They collaborated with Kazik, T.Love, Sweet Noise and Acid

Coma released their second album on May 29, 2006 entitled  Zaprzepaszczone siły wielkiej armii świętych znaków (The squandered forces of
the great army of holy signs). They also performed at Przystanek Woodstock to enthusiastic crowds.

On June 13, 2007 they performed as support for Linkin Park and Pearl Jam at Chorzów and again on August 12, 2007 as a support for Tool
and Dir En Grey for the Metal Hammer Festival.

Current and former Members

Rafał Matuszak - (Bass guitar)
Dominik Witczak - (Guitar)
Marcin Kobza - (Guitar)
Adam Marszałkowski - (Drums)
Piotr Rogucki - (Vocal)
Wojciech Gręda - (Guitar) (1998 - 2001)
Tomasz Stasiak - (Drums) (1998 - 2008)



Pierwsze wyjście z mroku (2004) POL #7
Zaprzepaszczone siły wielkiej armii świętych znaków (2006) POL #1
Hipertrofia (2008) POL #1
Excess (2010)

Live albums

Live (2010) POL #3


Skaczemy / Pasażer (We jump / Passenger) (2000)
Leszek Żukowski (2004)
Spadam (I'm falling) (2004)
Daleka droga do domu (Long way home) (2006)
System (Framework) (2006)
Tonacja (Key) (2006)
Zero osiem wojna (zero eight war)(2008)
Wola istnienia (Will to exist) (2009)
Transfuzja (Transfusion) (2009)

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