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Habakuk feat. Muniek - Miasto
rozczochrany leb
Habakuk  is a Polish reggae band formed in 1990.  Its music is a fusion of different styles of music, roots, rock, reggae and club, a style which
has made them one of the most popular reggae group in Poland.

So far Habakuk has released seven official albums which are have become hugely popular throughout Poland. The first one "Mniam, mniam
rege" was released in 1998 received rave reviews everywhere and made a huge impact on Polish  music scene.. "Machina" review: 'Unique,
energetic and natural ability to compose... catching hits. In short it's the revelation of the season.Habakuk fulfills all requirements to become the
ruler of the Polish reggae scene. And all because of this album'. Their second album "Rub Pulse" was met with equal praise by the critics for
the music's energy and originality -  'Habakuk's artistic activity is maintained in the spirit of reggae music'. Rub Pulse consists of new songs and
jungle versions of some of Habakuk's older tunes. The third album entitled "Muzyka Słowo Liczba Kolor" was released in 2002 and was followed
by "Hub a Dub”  containing remixes of Habakuk's songs.

In 2007 Habakuk released its best album yet, "A ty siej" in EMI company. The songs contains lyrics of a famous Polish poet and  symbol of the
Solidarity Movement – Jacek Kaczmarski.  It went Gold in Poland.

Habakuk was the first Polish band every to play at the Glastonbury Festival in England. It was a great success..
In August 2007,  Habakuk headlined the biggest Polish outdoor concert of all time - the Przystanek Woodstock, playing for and audience of
over 300,000 fans. The event was recorded and was released on DVD at the end of the year.

Habakuk collaborated on producing two songs with Don Carlos. The last time Polish musicians teamed up with Jamaicans was twenty years ago
when Trebunie Tutki met the Twinkle Brothers.  Habakuk had collaborated with other artists such as Zion Train, Junior Delgado, Dub
Syndicate, Mad Proffessor, Mikey Dread, The Skatalites and many others.  

Their last album was produced In 2008 called “Family Front” and contained ridimms sung by Don Carlos, Mikey Dread, Ava Leigh, Flyzzza and
many more artists.

During its career, Habakuk played over 600 gigs in Poland, in small and large venues, and numerous Polish festivals, the largest being the
"Przystanek Woodstock",  and "Reggae Dub Festival".

"Mniam! Mniam! REGE" 1999 r.
"RUB PULSE" 2000 r.
"Muzyka Słowo Liczba Kolor" 2002 r.
"Miniam! Mniam! REGE" - reedition 2003 r.
"Rozczochrany Łeb" - singiel 2004 r.
"Hub-a-Dub" – remixes on winyl 2005 r.
”Życia Rytm” – singiel 2006
“4 LIFE" 2006r.
“A ty siej ...” 2007r.
“Family Front” 2008

Some more of their songs:

Habakuk - Mury
Rasta Trans
To kocha co ma
Jestem Twoj
Dzień w którym przywitałem życie
Jah [ polish reggae ]

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