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Uderzaj Teraz
Włochaty is a Polish hardcore anarcho punk band formed in 1987 by Fagas. The members come from Szczecin and is one of the top punk
groups in country. Włochaty has come under strong criticism even among street punks for its radical left-wing oriented lyrics.  

Their first concert took place in Szczecin that year, though the band was still playing under the name of  Włochaty Odkurzacz.  It  was changed
in 1990. After Pauluss joined the band that year the group tried to appear on Jarocin festival, but without a success. They tried again and
finally in 1993 Włochaty managed to perform at the festival. Meanwhile the first recording,(For Sale) was released but in limited quantity. A
year later the band released another album, For Sale, under the Silverton label which was released by ABC Tapes.  In 1996, they re-released
the album, followed by a two week tour of Germany together with Oi Polloi. The new EP Wojna Przecwiko Ziemi was also released.

The band had some changes in their line up in 1997:. Fagas and Anka left the band and Filip joined it. They produced two new albums, Droga
Oporu, in 1999 and Zamiana Pieniędzy na Rebelię, Zmowa in 2000.

In a terrible accident in 2001 Billy had his leg amputated due to complications developed from a traumatic accident suffered a few years ago..
The band took off a year and returned with the release of their next album,  Tryumf Anarchii nad Tyranią  accompanied by their first
professional clip. In 2003 the band went on the tour in France. A year later they produced another album, Dzień Gniewu  followed by another
album, that fall, Bunt i Miłość.

In 2008, amid some controversy, 2008 Pauluss, and Kamil were removed from the band, according to the story given by Paulus. However Jez,
claim they left voluntarily.  "They started like Conflict and ended like Dead Kennedys" is the gist of the public reaction to the entire episode.

(The name Włochaty Odkurzacz means The Hairy Vacuum Cleaner, whilst Włochaty means simply The Hairy One or Shaggy.)

Current and former Band Members

Skoda - guitar
Dydas - guitar
Graba - vocals
Jeż - bass guitar, vocals
Billy - drums
Pauluss - vocals, (1990-2008)
Florens - guitar, vocals (2004)
Graba - guitar, vocals (2002-2003)
Kieras - guitar (2000-2001)
Filip - guitar (1997-2000)
Anka - sax, vocals (1994-1997)
Roberto - guitar (1997)
Fagas - guitar (1987-1997)
Kamil - drums (2008)


For Sale 1991 (re-released in 1994)
Live 1993
Włochaty EP - 1993, MC - 1994, LP - 1995
Bank Światowy 1996
Wojna Przeciwko Ziemi 1996
Droga Oporu 1999
Zamiana Pieniędzy na Rebelię 2000
Zmowa 2000
Tryumf Anarchii nad Tyranią 2002
Dzień Gniewu 2004
Bunt i Miłość 2005

Some of their songs:
Miłości Wystarczy Że Jest
Nie Powiem Ci Nic
Twoje życie w twoich rękach
Białe gówno

source: Wikipedia and You Tube
Włochaty - Credo
Zielone Żabki - Kultura