Post Regiment
Post Regiment is a hardcore punk rock band created in Warsaw in 1986. In its early stages their music was much slower, with a singing style
more along conventional lines of Darek "Tolek" Gracki. One year later he left the group and when Dominika "Nika" Domczyk took over on
vocals, the music picked up a faster pace and punk sound that was featured in their debut album in 1992.

By the time they began producing their second album,Czarzly, in 1995 they progressed to a faster hard-driving punk sound with rawer vocals
and d-beat-style drumming.

In 1998 they released their final album, Tragiedia wg Post Regiment ("Tragedy According To Post Regiment") on Profane Existence records in
the USA and Skuld releases in Europe. The tracks consisted of  hardcore punk songs by the Polish band Tragiedia.  They had been longtime
friends of the members of Post Regiment but their band broke up without ever producing a record.

Unlike other punk band, Post Regiment was unique. They had an original sound that included melodic singing, with Eastern European
nuances, instrumentals and the occasional synthesizer.  Unfortunately, the band broke up in 2001 but they still practice from time to time.

In their album, Death Before The Metal, released in 2007, they recorded songs that were created from 1988 to 1990.


Jarek Smok Smak - guitar (1986-2000)
Rafał Rolf Biskup - bass guitar (1986-2000)
Darek Tolek Gracki - vocals (1986-1989)
Maksymilian Max Gralewicz - drums (1986-2000)
Dominika Nika Domczyk - vocals (1989-2000)
Janek Cybulski - guitar (1989-2000)


Słodka 16-tka, 1988 Demo tape
Post Regiment, 1992
Czarzły, 1996
Tragiedia wg Post Regiment, 1999
Death Before The Metal, 2007

Some of their songs:
Wielki Las
Zapytaj Boga

source: Wikipedia
Post Regiment - Czarzły
Post Regiment - Wielki Las