Pod Prąd (W.O.Ś.P.)
KSU  is a punk rock band formed in 1977 in Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland (in the Bieszczady Mountains). One of the oldest and most influential of
groups in the genre, its creator, Eugeniusz Olejarczyk, was inspired listening to punk rock on radio stations in Western Europeé   In 1978
they chose KSU for a name. It is actually the letters from car licence plates issued by the Krosno Voivodeship for cars in the Ustrzyki Dolne
area.  KSU began performing songs inspired by the Damned, UK Subs aned Sex Pistols..

In 1980,  KSU participated in the New Wave Festival and caused a sensation.  Their celebrity was unfortunately shortlived as one by one, the
members of the group were drafted into the Polish Army, and KSU ceased to exist.  Several years later, in 1988 KSU recorded an album
called due to friendship with Kazimierz Staszewski, KSU travelled across Poland to Kolobrzeg, to participate in the New Wave Festival. The
band was dubbed a sensation, but soon afterwards its members were one after one called up to the Polish Army and KSU ceased to exist. In
1988 KSU recorded a LP "Pod prąd" ("Against the flow"), which was a hit with fans.

The current members of  KSU consists of only four muscians including Olejarczyk, lyrics written by Maciej Augustyn, the brother of former
singer Bogdan "Bohun" Augustyn.

Current line-up

Eugeniusz Olejarczyk ("Siczka") – guitar, vocals
Jarosław Kidawa ("Jasiu") – guitar, backing vocals
Paweł Gawlik ("Kojak") – bass guitar
Leszek Dziarek ("Dziaro") – drums, backing vocals, programming
Piotr Leszega ("Piter") - guitar, backing vocals


Pod prąd (1988)
Ustrzyki (1990)
Moje Bieszczady (1993)
Na 15 lecie! (1994)
Bez prądu (1995)
21 (1999)
Ludzie bez twarzy (2002)
Kto cię obroni Polsko (2004)
Nasze słowa (2005) POL #14
Akustycznie XXX-lecie (2008) POL #21

Some other songs: (Recorded Live)
Jabol punk
po drugiej stronie drzwi
Moje Bieszczady
Kto Cię obroni Polsko
Moja nienawiść Moja depresja
Pijany gówniarz

source: Wikipedia
KSU - Pokolenie '80 (live, z koncertu Woodstock 2005)