Dezerter was formed in 1981 but was originally known as SS-20.  Because of the reaction of Communist officials, the group was forced to
change their to Dezerter.  (The name SS-20 was NATO's tag name for Soviet ballistic missiles and therefore considered  too controversial by
the regime.) The band was constantly under surveillance. Their lyrics were frequently criticized by the communist government  as too
controversial, and were subjected to state censorship. The group finally decided to comply and changed their name to Dezerter, but without
changing anything else.  In an effort to stay one step ahead of the Regime, the group regularly changed the spelling or format of their name to
become less recognizable and evade constant harassment. Sometimes it was spelled "De-zerter", then "The Zerter".  - an easy and cheap trick
to fool the government officials.

Dezerter debuted during the Mokotów Music Autumn Festival, in November 1981. In 1982, together with other Polish punk rock bands TZN
Xenna and Deuter it went on a cross-country tour, also playing in the 1982 Jarocin Festival. In 1983 Dezerter recorded a four-song 7″ EP, Ku
przyszłości (Into the future) also known as Spytaj milicjanta (Ask (a question to) a cop). The record was released under the state label Tonpress
and was warmly received by fans - selling 50,000 copies. Thousands of fans have flocked to  Dezerter's concerts and snapping up copies of
their LPs.

The most memorable Dezerter's live appearance occurred in Poland during the 1984 Jarocin Festival. Some 20,000 fans assembled there. The
concert was recorded and later parts of it were included in their LP Underground Out of Poland.  It was produced by Joey Shithead, vocalist of a
Canadian band D.O.A..

Dezerter is not well known internationally because the group has never produced their album in English.  Nevertheless, the band has played in
several European countries, including Japan and the U.S.A.. In November 2009, they performed in NYC and Chicago to commemorate the 20th
anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Robert "Robal" Matera – guitar, vocals
Krzysztof Grabowski – drums
Jacek Chrzanowski – bass

Previous members

Dariusz "Stepa" Stepnowski – bass, vocals
Dariusz "Skandal" Hajn – vocals (until 1985, deceased)
Paweł Piotrowski – bass, vocals
Tony von Kinsky – bass, vocals

Studio albums

Underground Out of Poland (1987)
Kolaboracja (1987)
Kolaboracja II - (1989)
Wszyscy przeciwko wszystkim (1990)
Blasfemia (1992)
Ile procent duszy? (1994)
Deuter (1995)
Mam kły mam pazury (1996)
Ziemia jest płaska (1998)
Legowisko nieznanych wytworów mej wyobraźni" (1998) with Trafika Dżajant
Decydujące starcie (2001)
Nielegalny zabójca czasu (2004)


Ku przyszłości (1983)
Dezerter (1993)

Other songs:

Poroniona generacja
"Ile % duszy"
Pierwszy raz
Polen Über Alles
Jeszcze Nie ZapomniaLem
Złe myśli

source: Wikipedia and You Tube
Dezerter "Ile % duszy"