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Bulbulators is a punk group formed in 1989 by Burak, the guitarist of a former band called Ramzes & The Hooligans, and is backed by Gienek
Dziobaty(vocals), Wojtek Tic-Tac (on bass guitar) and Landryn (on drums).

Their first concert took place in 1991 amid violent clashes with locals, in which they played most of the punk classics.  Throughout its existence the
band periodically experienced numerous changes to their lineup. After a temporary suspension of activity they resumed concerts in 1997 and
recorded their debut album in 2000. Of a total of 17 compositions, 14 reached final stage of production and they enjoyed a series of successful
concerts  for which they supported stars like The Exploited, Angelic Upstarts, and The Business.   

While they were making preparations to record their album in 2003, they were invited to record a song  for an album Jest Dezerter - Nie ma
zagrożenia.  In a strange turn of events, during a concert in Slovakia in 2004 Nynek disappeared and Zyga stepped in temporarily. The group found
new drummer, Sensitive Rat, who had played with the Bulbulators, as Szpajza.

At another one of their concerts, Zygzak from the famous Polish band TZN Xenna  made a guest appearance on stage. They later collaborated with
Bulbulators in the groups third album, which also contained numerous songs featuring acoustic guitar, piano and trumpet.

Current Band Members

* Burak - guitar
* Iglak - vocals
* Gruby - bass guitar
* Sensitive Rat (F.K.A. Szpajza) - drums

Former Members

* Dziobaty - vocals (1989-1993)
* Landryn (AKA Nynek) - drums (1989-1993, 2003-2004)
* Biker - vocals (1993)
* Adaś - drums (1993, 1999-2003)
* Łikend - drums (1998)
* Tic Tac - bass guitar (1989-1999)


1. Prawdziwe życie, Enigmatic, 2000 (MC release)
2. Nie! Nie! Nie!, Pop Noise, 2002
3. Prawdziwe życie, Noise Annoys, 2004 (CD re-release)
4. Punkophilia!, Noise Annoys, 2005
5. Aut Punk! Aut Nihil!, Noise Annoys, 200

Some of their singles are:
Mężczyźni wolą blondynki
Nie ma kwiatków
Żywe trupy
Żyj i pozwól umrzeć
Brzydzę się Tobą
Aut punk aut nihil

source: Wikipedia