Brygada Kryzys
Brygada Kryzys or BK was formed in August 1981 by two popular musicians from Warsaw,  Robert Brylewski (previously part of the group
Kryzys) and Tomasz Lipinski (from Tilt).  Brygada Krzys is the most important and influential punk/rock reggae bands in Poland.  They
describe their music as "punkadelic" drawing inspiration from the early punk and psychedelic trend of the 1960s. Their first performance,
November they toured Poland with the British Band TV21. A concert in Gdansk ended up badly with Brylewski severely beaten by a group of
thugs while the communist police stood by and refused to intervene.

They participated in a festival "Days of Young Polish Subculture" held in Belgrade in December. As bad luck would have it, their bus was
stopped at the Polish-Czechoslovak (then Czechoslovakia) and the band's equipment confiscated. They managed to make it to the festival by
plane, and gave two performances one of which was recorded.   Upon their return to Poland, plans were underway to tour the Netherlands
and Yugoslavia in February 1982, but on December 13th the communist regime declared martial law which entailed severe curfews and
travel restrictions.

Confrontations became to a head during February 1982, when posters of the band were displayed throughout Warsaw - publicizing the new
band as "Brygada K". Communist officials considered it a provocation and the band was ordered to shorten the name. They refused and
were subsequently banned from making any public appearances on stage, nor leave Poland for the scheduled tours in the Netherlands and

Over the next few months, BK recorded a few songs in a newly opened Warsaw studio called "Tonpress", and spent the summer near Lublin
filming several scenes that were later added to the movie "Koncert".  By August, Warsaw is the scene of numerous demonstrations and street
brawls in response to martial law. Tomek was severely beaten and arrested by the communist militia but because of overcrowded jails, was
released shortly thereafter.  Within weeks, the BK members agreed to dissolve the group because of the many political obstacles thrown their
way.  Robert started a reggae band called Izrael, while Tomek returned to Tilt.

1989 marked a historical turning point for the world.  On November 9, the symbol of the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall, came down amid wild
jubilation of Berliners on both sides. Tomek and Robert were in Berlin just a week before and were already discussing about reforming the
BK.  Less than two years later, the band played its first concert at the legendary Jarocin Festival to enthusiastic crowds.  In October 1991,
they recorded a new album called "Cosmoplis"  encompassing both old and new songs.  For the next three years BK performed a series of
concerts commemorating the declaration of martial law in Poland, in addition to an album.

But in 1994 they disband again, only to return again almost 10 years later.  In the spring of 2003, they played several concerts for their tour
entitled, "PRL czyli Punk Rock Later", and several months later played the Garage Club in London.
In 2005, they embarked on a recording project called "Black Album" which was a compilation of tracks from their first album, some early
recordings that were never released as well as songs by Kuba Nowakowski.  They made appearances on TVP3's program called, Muzyka
laczy pokolenia (Music Connects Generations) and performed with the rap duo Vienio i Pele. Many more tours and recording sessions

Original Band Members
Robert Brylewski
Tomasz Lipiński
Jarek Gruszka Ptasiński (drums),
Tomek Men Świtalski (sax)
Ireneusz Jeżyk Wereński(bass)
Slawek Slocinski (drums).

Newly formed BK band members in 1991
Robert Brylewski
Tomek Lipiński
Irek Jeżyk Wereński
Piotr Stopa Żyżelewicz (drums)
Brylewski’s wife Vivian
Quarcoo (vocals),
Włodek Kiniorski and Aleksander Korecki on saxophone.

BK members in 2003
Robert Brylewski
Tomek Lipiński
Filip Gałązka on drums
Tomek Szymborski on bass
Sergiusz Lisecki on sax.

BK members in 2005
Robert Brylewski
Tomek Lipiński
Filip Gałązka on drums
Tomek Szymborski on bass
With Aleksander Korecki on saxophone (replacing Lisecki)


1982 Brygada Kryzys / LP Tonpress
1982 Live / LP Fresh Records UK
1992 Cosmopolis / Izabelin Studio
1996 Live in Remont '93 / MC Gold Rock Studio

Some of their songs:
Jarocin 2008 LIVE
Radioaktywny Blok
fallen,fallen is babylon
Obudz sie
Mam Dość
Take My Hand
Elektro-Katowice-22.11.08 LIVE
the real one
świety szczyt

source: Wikipedia
Brygada Kryzys - Obudz sie
Brygada Kryzys - Ty i Tylko Ty