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Apatia was formed in 1989 in Poznan out of the remnants of another group called HCP. Its music is a fusion of punk, rock, and hardcore metal.
Its members are staunch supporters of vegetarianism and straight edge ideology.  Their first gig was at the Robrege Festival in Warsaw in 1990
and they have been active ever since, playing concerts throughout Poland and many European countries such as Germany and France.  Apatia
has received an honourable mention by Polish Encyclopedia publishers PWN.  In its 1993 edition, Apatia was mentioned in an article about the
straight edge movement. Straight edge is an offshoot of its hardcore equivalent, but without the indulgence in sex, drugs and alcohol and opting
for a lifestyle that is clean and sober.

Current and former members:
Matol - vocal,
Krzychu - drums,
Jedrek - guitar,
Stiepan - bass guitar.
Bulwa - guitar,
Arek - guitar,
Szymon - bass guitar.

1993 Walka Czy Apatia (Struggle or apathy)
1993 Punk Floyd
1994 Odejdz Lub Zostan (Leave or stay)
1995 5 Piosenek o tym jak niszczymy system (Five songs about us destroying the system)
1995 Dwa w jednym (Two in one)
1997 Apatia
2000 100% Vegetarian band
2002 Manipulacja (Manipulation)
2007 Uleglosc (Submission)

source: Wikipedia