Mietek Szcześniak
Mieczyslaw "sword" Szczesniak, born July 9 1964 in Kalisz is a Polish singer, composer and lyricist.  His interest in music first began at the  age of
six. As a teenager he was part of a group called Funky Factory. By 1984 he was making his first recordings for Polish Radio Szczecin, making his debut
in a band called Ikary.

His performance in "anyone can sing," and the National Youth Festival of Song in Wroclaw, was his launching pad to the song contest in Opole where
he won main prize.  In 1987 he performed two songs ("My Harley Davidson" and "Somewhere out there")  for the movie" The story of Harley.  In 1989,
Szczesniak teamed up with Edyta Gorniak to record the song Highway Star in the movie With Fire and Sword.  In 1999  his song, Hold Me Tight, won
18th place at the 44th Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem.  In April 2003, Szczesniak participated in the recording of the Polish version of  "Ode to
Joy",  of the European Union and subsequently appeared at a concert in May to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.

Szczesniak is one of the founders of New Life M, a pop group with a Christian message. On 14 June 2006 he released a music video of the song Get
Up, recorded with Mezo / Tabb. In the same year his album was released, " "Ordinary Miracle '. containing the hits "Mamma", "A lot better," I think for
sure "and" Really Pretty. "

He also participated in an international showcase called "Poland. Why Not?" which featured the most famous Polish composers and musical producers
from Poland and the United States among whom created the great hits sung by Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Barbara Streisand.

In 2007 he took part in the National Competition of Polish Song in Opole and performed his new song "A Tale that it's me. At the same festival, he also
appeared together with Justin Timberlake and Kate Cerekwicka.

On 29 October 2007, at the Congress Hall in the Warsaw Palace of Culture, Szczesniak was honoured with the "Golden Duck" for best song "Highway
Star".  He has won numerous awards at Festival in Sopot, and is a three-time winner of the Fryderyk Award.

He has sung in Polish for the many of the Disney Channel series: DuckTales (old version), Brave Agent Duck, Chip and Dale RR Brigade.  He sang in
duets with Anna Jurksztowicz, Majka Jeżowska, Kayah, Anna Maria Jopek, Lora Szafran, Edyta Gorniak and Natalia Kukulska.

His first English album is scheduled to debut in 2010, and is a colloboration of Polish and American artists and producers.including Wendy Waldman, a
Grammy award winner, and Rob Hoffman, who worked with Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Marcin Pospiech, Peter Fireplace, and Paul Zarecki.


Niby nowy ( 1990 ) Like new (
Czarno na białym ( 1997 ) Black on white
Spoza nas ( 2000 ) POL #48
Arka Noego i Przyjaciele – kolędy i piosenki na żywo ( 2000 ) Noah's Ark and Friends - Christmas carols and songs live
TGD na żywo ( 2001 ) TGD Live
Mężczyźni kobietom ( 2001 ) Men to women
Złota Kolekcja ( 2002 ) Gold Collection
Raduj się świecie ( 2003 w muzyce ) Rejoice in the world
Słowa ( 2004 ) Words
Jestem kimś ( 2002 ) I am somebody
Zwykły cud ( 2006 ) Ordinary miracle


Who Loves People ( 1989 ) Who Loves People
Raduj się świecie ( 1997 ) Rejoice in the world
Tu (Smoszew) ( 1998 )
Kocham (tylko Ciebie) ( 1998 ) I love (just you)
Dumka na dwa serca (+ Edyta Górniak ) ( 1998 ) Highway Star (+ Edyta Gorniak )
Prababcia ( 1999 ) Great-grandmother
Przytul mnie mocno ( 1999 ) Hold me tight
Za-czekam ( 2000 ) Behind-waiting
No co Ty na to? ( 2000 ) Well what about it?
Spoza nas (+ Paulinho Garcia ) ( 2000 ) Outside of us (+ Paulinho Garcia )
Miłość nie ustaje ( 2001 ) Love does not stop
Naprawdę dość ( 2005 ) Really pretty
O niebo lepiej ( 2006 ) A much better
Mamma ( 2006 ) Mamma
Bajka, że to ja ( 2007 ) Fairy tale that I
Rzeczy zmieniają się ( 2010 ) Things are changing

source: Wikipedia and http://www.mietekszczesniak.pl/
Przytul mnie mocno - Mietek Szcześniak