Sistars is a Polish group formed in 2001 by vocalists Natalia Przybysz and Paulina Przybysz  Their music is a fusion of pop, rap, R&B, funk,
soul and jazz..  The music is composed and produced by Bartek Królik, and Marek Piotrowski.

Sistars received its first public exposure through a guest performance of the song "Zeszyt rymów" by rapper Tede. On March 15, 2003 they
released their debut album, Siła sióstr, with guest appearances by O.S.T.R., Tede, Ania Szarmach  among others. The album featured the
single "Nie ty, nie my (Spadaj)" which was later produced into a music video. The year  2004 proved to be a year of great success for the
group. With the release of the Sistars EP,  its single "Sutra" became a smash hit.

The group has received numerous Polish music awards, including an ESKA for Best Debut, as well Audience Award, and the prestigious Grand
Prix at the Opole 2004 Music Festival. Their second album was released in 2005, entitled  A.E.I.O.U., which assured their standing in the Polish
hip-hop scene.  They won three Fryderyk Awards and an ESKA for Best Band.  In 2004 and 2005 consecutively, the MTV Europe Music
Awards, named Sistars as the winner of the "Best Polish Act".

Band members

Natalia Przybysz (N'Talia) - vocals
Paulina Przybysz (Lil' Sista) - vocals
Bartek Królik (BQ) - vocals / bass
Marek Piotrowski (Maru$) - keyboards
Przemysław Maciołek (Przemo) - guitars
Robert Luty - drums
Marcin Ułanowski (U1) - drums (ex-member)

Year         Title
2003         Siła Sióstr
2004         EP
2005         A.E.I.O.U.

source: Wikipedia