Michał Lorenc wrote music for the following films:

300 Miles to Heaven   by M. Dejczer
30 Door Keys   by J. Skolimowski
Kroll   by W. Pasikowski
Dogs   by W. Pasikowski
Blood and Wine   by Bob Rafelson
Deborah   by R. Brylski
Provocator   by K. Lange
Bandit   by M. Dejczer
Nothing   by D. Kędzierzawska
Far From The Window   by J. J. Kolski
The Smell of Paradise (2005)
Symmetry (2004)
Autumn Spring (2002)
Where Eskimos Live (2002)
The Spring to Come (2001)
Photographer (1999)
Poznan '56 (1997)
Momento Found in a Hunched Back (1993)
Psy (1992)
An Immoral Story (1990)
Pension Sonnenschein (1989)
Luk Erosa (1987)
Four Nights with Anna
Mniejsze zlo
Of Parents and Children
Pokoj v duši
War Games
Michal Lorenc
Michał Lorenc muzyka z filmu Bandyta 1997r
sources: www.imdb.com/name/nm0520608/
Michal Lorenc was born in Warsaw in 1955. He taught himself music and has risen to international eminence among composers of contemporary
film scores. He made his debut in 1979 and since then has composed music for more than 150 major films, as well as documentaries, theatrical
productions, and television serials, for Polish and foreign markets. He has worked with best directors from Poland, the Czech Republic, England,
and the United States.    

His music has won prestigious awards at festivals in Poland and around the world.  He wrote the music to "Blood and Wine" by Bob Rafaelson,
which was nominated for an Academy Award. He received awards at the Festival of Polish Feature Films in Gdynia on three occasions, for "Dogs"
in 1992; "Bandit" in 1995; "Provocator" in 1997; a special prize at the Camerimage Festival in Torun in 1998; the Grand Prix at the Film Music
Festival in Bonn in 1999 for music composed to "Nothing", and in 1989 he was nominated for a Felix Award for the music to "300 Miles to Heaven"

Film is the only inspiration and ultimate goal for me. I do not compose any other music. It turned out that my gift for
composing is limited to the cinema. I don't know what kind of feelings I should evoke in audiences in concert halls."
                                                                                                                                                       (Michał Lorenc)

"You don't compose music for a film but for SOMEBODY. The same film, if made by a different man, would have a
completely different music."  
   (Michal Lorenc)
Michał Lorenc - Taniec Eleny