Anita Lipnicka
Wszystko się może zdarzyć - Anita Lipnicka
Anita Lipnicka, a Polish singer-songwriter, was born on June 13, 1975 in Piotrków Trybunalski. She began her career in 1993 with a band
called Varius Manx, but after 3 years left the band to pursue a solo career. She relocated to London where she released her first solo album
"To, co naprawdę" (What Is Real), and in 2000 a third solo album called "Moje oczy sa zielone" (My eyes are green).

A year later Lipnicka collaborated with John Porter and recorded two albums together- "Nieprzyzwoite piosenki" (Indecent Songs) in 2003 and
"Inside Story" in 2005. They were both recorded in English. The album "Indecent Songs" won The Fryderyk award for The Pop Album of the
Year.  In 2006 the duo released a mini-disc called "Other Stories" as well as a collection of all their records including a DVD of their videos aptly
named "All The Stories". Their third and final album was released In February 2008 entitled "Goodbye".  They remained a couple in their private
lives but each pursued a solo career.  They have a daughter, Pola, born February 24, 2006. Incidentally, Anita is the sister of Arkadiusz Lipnick,
a member of the Polish theater troupe "Rafal Kmita Group".

In the latter part of 2008, the American singer-songwriter Chris Eckman released a CD called "The Last Side of the Mountain". and performed a
duet with Lipnica on the song "Who Will Light Your Path".  It became number one on the charts.  This song as all the other songs on the CD are
an adaptation of a poem by Dane Zajc a Slovenian poet.

On 13th November Lipnicka released her solo album "Hard Land of Wonder". The first single from the album was "Car Door"  was an instant hit
and it quickly became Gold.


with Varius Manx

1994 Emu
1995 Elf

Solo albums

1996 Wszystkiego się można spodziewac
1998 To co naprawdę
2000 Moje oczy są zielone POL #29
2009 Hard Land of Wonder POL #6

with John Porter

2003 Nieprzyzwoite piosenki POL #1
2005 Inside Story POL #2
2006 Other Stories POL #39
2006 All the Stories
2008 Goodbye POL #2

some of her singles:

Piękna i rycerz
Ballada dla Śpiącej Królewny
Historia jednej miłości
Anita Lipnicka & John Porter - Bones of Love
Jestem powietrzem
I tylko noce
O niczym

source: Wikipedia and You Tube