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Kombii - Kolory Tańczą w Twoich oczach
Kombii is a Polish pop-rock band formed in 2003 by three members of the older band Kombii, Skawiński, Tkaczyk and Pluta. The new
band, minus Slawomir Losowski, and featured a new keyboardist, Bartosz Wielgosz,  Despite their efforts they could not maintain the same
style and artistry evident in the old Kombi band. Nevertheless, their album, entitled simply, "CD" was a commercial success, due largely to
name recognition, if nothing else.


1979 Muzyka młodej generacji (The music of young generation) (unofficial LP)
1980 Kombi
1981 Królowie życia (The Kings of life)
1984 Nowy rozdział (The New chapter)
1985 Kombi 4
1986 Live
1989 Tabu
1990 15 lat (15 years)
1992 Ostatni koncert (The last concert)

Most popular songs

Królowie życia (The Kings of life)
Kochać cię - za późno (It's too late to love you)
Słodkiego, miłego życia (Sweet, nice life)
Black and White - with the most expensive videoclip in 1980's in Poland.
Nasze Randez - vous (Our Randez - Vous)
Tabu - obcy ląd (Taboo - foreign land)

Band members

Sławomir Łosowski – synthesizer, programming
Grzegorz Skawiński – lead guitar, vocal
Waldemar Tkaczyk – bass guitar, drums
Jan Pluta – drums
Jerzy Piotrowski – drums

source: Wikipedia
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