Pink Freud
Pink Freud is a jazz group formed in Gdansk in 1998.  Taking its inspiration from various genres of music, that is, jazz,  rock and others,
their music has been described as fresh and innovative. Their members are Wojtek Mazolewski (on bass, loop, sampler), Tomek Zietęk (on
trumpet and prepared trumpet), Kuba Staruszkiewicz (on drums). Guest performers have been Slawek Jaskulke (on piano),DJ Wojak or DJ
Lenar, m.bunio.s, Tymon Tymanski (on guitar),  and Mika Urbaniak (vocals).

The debut album of Pink Freud, entitled “Zawijassy” received rave reviews and from then on they established new genres, more interesting
and intriguing tones which set them apart from traditional jazz ensembles. They played to exultant crowds in numerous concerts throughout
Poland, Germany and Prague

In 2003, their album, "Sorry Music Polska" (produced by Zen Posse Records), presented a brand new style. Their use of custom-built
electronics in conjunction with bass, trumpet, vibraphone and drums, Pink Freud created tunes that were unique and intricate.  

Pink Freud performed an endless array of concerts: in 2003 at Gdynia Summer Jazz Days, Gdansk Yass Nights, Jazz Jantar, Jazz Bez in
Lvov  More concerts followed  in January 2004 throughout Poland and Germany. During May, Pink Freud represented Poland at the
European Jazz Festival in Portugal and in June at other jazz festivals in France

Lately the band produced its third album entitled “Jazz fajny jest” which is a compilation of the best talent such as EMADE, ENVEE, Niewinni
Czarodzieje, m.bunio.s, Mika Urbaniak, Old Time Radio, LocoStar among a flurry of other

Pink Freud's fifth album is entitled “Punk Freud”, which is being promoted and distributed by the label Universal Music Polska.The band has
been recognized by Universal Music Polska.