Kiedy będziesz zakochany
Nic poza nami
Novika  is a band led by Katarzyna Nowicka, a Polish singer whose style is a fusion of electro, house, techno, and dubtronica, and is also a DJ
and producer.  She has frequently collaborated with other artists such as Futro, Smolik, Fisz, Vienio & Pele, Adamus all of whom appeared on
her album "Feat. Novika" (Sissy, 2004).

For five years she hosted her own show In Radiostacja  called "Radio Lazy Sunday".  Following that she moved to Jazz Radio for a while and
worked in national radio for young people - BIS. At that time she began to develop experimental electronic sounds as well as introduce new local
talent. Amid her work, she actively supports Polish artists and DJs also through  the production of compilations (Radio Leniwa Niedziela, Sissy
2002; Polskie Leniwe, Kayax 2005). Novika established  a DJ collective as well as record label called Beats Friendly.

Novika has performed in Paris for the Closing of Polish Year in France, for the Japon Expo, and major Polish festivals (Astigmatic, Heineken
Open'er, Era New Horizons).



Lovebit (single, 2001)
Futro (album, 2001)
Wyspy (single, 2001)
The New Polution (single, 2002)
Spacer po Miłość... (single, 2002)
Nic poza Nami (single, 2002)

Solo career

feat. Novika (2004)
Finally (EP, 2006)
Tricks Of Life (album, 2006)
o singiel Tricks (feat. Sqbass) (+teledysk)
o singiel Depend on You (+ teledysk)
Lovefinder (album, 2010)


Radio Leniwa Niedziela (2002)
Polskie Leniwe (2005)
Friendly Beats (2006)

source: Wikipedia