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WWO is a Polish hip hop group formed underground in 1996 by Sokol and Jedker. The letters in the group's name originally stood for W
Witrynach Odbicia (translated roughly as 'Reflections in Sites').Other members of the group, called ZIP skład, are Jędker, Sokół, Pono, Felipe,
Mieron, Jaźwa, Koro and Fu.

Their first releases were singles entitled, 'Flippery' and 'Kolenda' which were distributed in the underground music scene, and which the group
claimed to have produced only for their own love of hip hop.  Their first album, "Masz i Pomysl, featured 600 V (who also DJs for TeDe), Włodi and
Pele from Ewenement, Deszczu Strugi, and the rest of ZIP Skład, Majki and Korzeń, Waco, Karton, Kuba, and others.

WWO had a series of conflicts with their record label, "BMG Poland" and due to contract issues,were prohibited from producing under their current
name.  As a result in December 2001 they were no longer known by the name of WWO, and instead adopted their new name, "W Wyjątkowych
Okolicznościach". (Translated,"In Exceptional Circumstances"). They welcomed a new member to the group, Deszczu Strugy, undeniably one of
the best hip hop DJs in Poland. Strugy performed with numerous other Polish hip hop groups such as Mor W.A. and TrzyHa.The first album was
produced by BMG.

Sokół, one of the band members, became the co-owner of Prosto Music Label and Prosto Clothing. The groups second album was released in
October 2002 titled "We Własnej Osobie".

Among their hit songs are "Nie bój się zmiany na lepsze", "Sen", "Każdy ponad każdym" or "Damy radę". Their two latest albums were entitled
"Witam Was w Rzeczywistości" and "Życie Na Kredycie" were both released in 2005.



* 1999 Chleb Powszedni - as a ZIP Squad (Trans. A Staff of life)
* 2000 Masz i pomyśl (CD, MC, Vinyl) - as W Witrynach Odbicia (Trans. Take it and think about it)
* 2002 We własnej osobie (CD) - as W Wyjątkowych Okolicznościach (Trans. In persona)
* 2005 Witam was w rzeczywistości (CD) - as W Wyjątkowych Okolicznościach (Trans. Welcome to reality)
* 2005 Życie na kredycie (CD) - as W Witrynach Odbicia (Trans. Life on credit)

Single Recordings

* 2000 Obejrzyj sobie wiadomości (singiel - CD, MC) (Trans. Watch yourself the news)
* 2001 Jeszcze będzie czas (single - CD) (Trans. There will be time)
* 2002 Moda (mini single - Vinyl) (Trans. Fashion)
* 2002 Moda (single - CD, MC) (Trans. Fashion)
* 2002 Moda (maxi single - Vinyl) (Trans. Fashion)
* 2003 Damy rade (maxi single - Vinyl) (Trans. We´re gonna make it)
* 2003 Nie bój się zmiany na lepsze (maxi single - Vinyl) (Trans. Don't be afraid to change for the better)
* 2004 U Ciebie w mieście Feat. Vienio, Pele, Fenomen (maxi single - CD) (Trans. At your city)
* 2006 RBK Hip Hop 2006 (single)

Music Videos

* Obejrzyj Sobie Wiadomości (Trans. Watch yourself the news)
* Jeszcze Będzie Czas (Trans. There will be time)
* W Wyjątkowych Okolicznościach (Trans. Under Exceptional Circumstances)
* Damy Radę (Trans. We´re gonna make it)
* Sen (Trans. Dream)
* Nie Bój Się Zmiany Na lepsze(feat. Soundkail) (Trans. Don't Be Afraid to Change for Better)
* Mogę Wszystko (Trans. I Can [Do] Everything)
* Minorum Gentium (Translated from Latin - Minor Gentry)
* I Tak To Osiągnę(feat. Orion & Włodi & Soundkail & Kontrafakt) (Trans. I Will Achieve It Anyway)

source: Wikipedia
WWO - I tak to osiagne
WWO - Sen