Grammatik Pamiętam
Grammatik - Reaktywacja
Gramatik's band leader learned at an early age that good music is felt not heard.  Apparently, he already understood that at the tender age of 3.  
According to his mother he used to be glued listening to music on the radio, and whenever there was any rhythm and blues songs, he would tap his leg on
the floor along with the beat.  Indeed it was a "sign" of great things to come from this exceptionally talented artist!

Some of his other songs are:

Każdy ma chwile
Nie ma czasu pomyslec
Nigdy Więcej
Nie ma skróconych dróg
Płaczę rymami
Wiara czyni cuda
Mam Problem

source: and You Tube
Grammatik - Nie ma skróconych dróg
Grammatik - Rozmowa