Funky Polak
Funky Polak is a Polish-American rapper and co-founder of a dancing group called Broken Glass. He was born in 1975, Kielce, Poland in
1975 but has since become American.  Many Polish-Americans will relate to his music because his lyrics are based on his experiences as a
Polish immigrant in Chicago.   He has received awards in the European dance championships  for such categories as breakdance and electric
boogaloo.   He received two consecutive Polonus awards, in 2004 and 2005 for Artist of the Year.

Some of his other songs are:

Daj mi jeden Powod
Jeszcze nie zginęła
Jest takie miejsce
Brat Bratu
nie płacz matko
Hiphopolo Star
Najlepsze piosenki
My tu zyjemy


* HiphoPolo '95 – '05
* Emigrologia (in 2007)

sources: Wikipedia and You Tube
Funky Polak - Polak potrafi
Funky Polak - Pamietaj
funky Polak - nie płacz matko  Polish Pride
Funky Polak - Jestem Tutaj