Na krawędzi (Somewhere In Between)
Closterkeller is a Polish Gothic metal band formed in 1988 by Przemysław Guryń, Jacek Skirucha, and Anja Orthodox.  Their music evolved
along with the additions and departures of many band members. The result has proven beneficial as it has given them a unique "sound
signature".   Orthodox is the only original member of  Closterkeller, which has figured prominently in the music scene in Poland for the past
twenty years.

Though their music has been categorized as gothic, they are influenced by musical styles ranging from new wave, to cold wave, and even heavy
metal.  The group has been dubbed one of the forerunners of gothic rock in Poland and have been sources of inspiration to other bands like
Delight, Artosis, and Moonlight.

Closterkeller continues to perform and record on a regular basis.

Current and former members

Anja Orthodox - vocals, keyboards (since 1988)
Krzysztof Najman - bass (1992–1999, since September 2006)
Michał "Rollo" Rollinger - keyboards (since 1990)
Mariusz Kumala - guitar (since November 2006)[4]
Janusz Jastrzębowski - drums (since July 2006)
Grzegorz Tomczyk - drums (1988–1989)
Przemysław Guryn - keyboards (1988–1991)
Jacek Skirucha - guitar (1988–1992)
Tomasz "Wolfgang" Grochowalski - bass (1988–1992)
Andrzej "Szczota" Szymańczak (dead) - drums (1989–1991)
Piotr Bieńkowski - drums (1989–1990)
Marcin "Freddie" Mentel - guitar (1999–2006)
Paweł Pieczyński - guitar (1992–2000)
Robert Ochnio - guitar (1992)
Marcin "Pucek" Płuciennik - bass (1999–2006)
Gerard "Gero" Klawe - drums (1997–2006)
Piotr "Pawłoś" Pawłowski - drums (1991–1997)
Dariusz Boral - keyboards(1995–1996)
Tomasz "Mechu" Wojciechowski - keyboards, guitar (1996–1998)
Andrzej Kaczyński - bass (1999)
Piotr Czyszanowski - bass (1999)
Tomasz Kasprzycki - acoustic guitar (1992)
Mikis Cupas - acoustic guitar (1991)
Jarosław Kidawa - acoustic guitar (1991)
Zbigniew Kumorowski - drums (1990–1991)
Krzysztof Dominik - drums (1989), manager (1994–1997)

Guest musicians
Zbyszek Bieniak - vocals (Blue, Violet)
Fiolka Najdenowicz - vocals (Violet)
Edyta Bartosiewicz - production, vocals (Cyan)
Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki - vocals (Scarlet)
Michał Jelonek - violin (Scarlet)
Igor Czerniawski - production, keyboards (Purple, Blue, Agnieszka)
Agnieszka Płuciennik - vocals (Reghina)
Maciej Możdżeń - keyboards (Cyan)
Romek Kunikowski - keyboards (Cyan)
Stanisław Bokowy - keyboards (Cyan)


Studio albums

Purple (1990)
Blue (1992)
Violet (1993)
Scarlet (1995)
Cyan (1996)
Graphite (1999)
Nero (2003) POL #25[5]
Aurum (2009) POL #15[6]

Live albums

Koncert '97 (1997)
Bronze (1998, Bootleg)
Fin de siecle (2000)

Compilation albums

Pastel (2001) POL #46


Agnieszka (1993)
Reghina (2004) POL #34


Scarlett (sampler) (1995)
Władza (1996)
Na krawędzi/Ate (1999)
Czas komety (1999)
Zegarmistrz światła (2000)
Earth Song (2004)
Lunar (2005)



Act III (2003)
Saffron (Bootleg) (2006)
"Act IV" (2008)

Music videos

"Purple" (1990, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"Nieuchwytny" (1990, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"Maska" (1990, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"Czekając na dzień" (1991, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"I jeszcze raz do końca" (1991, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"Immanoleo" (1992, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"Blue" (1992, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"Spokój" (1992, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"Iluzyt" (1992, directed by: Marek Jurkowski)
"Agnieszka" (1993, directed by: no data)
"W moim kraju" (1993, realization: Katarzyna Kanclerz)
"Babeluu" (1994, realization: Katarzyna Kanclerz)
"Supernova" (1994, realization: TVP)
"Scarlett" (1995, directed by: Jerzy Grabowski)
"Owoce wschodu" (1995, directed by: no data)
"Dlaczego noszę broń" (1995, realization: TVP)
"Władza" (1996, directed by: no data)
"Cisza w moim domu" (1996, directed by: no data)
"Dwa dni" (1997, realization: TVP)
"Na krawędzi" (1999, directed by: no data)
"Czas komety" (1999, directed by: no data)
"Zegarmistrz światła" (2000, directed by: no data)
"A nadzieja" (2000, production: Krzysztof Wasilewski)
"Poza granicą dotyku" (2003, directed by / realization: Radek "LarryTM" Grabiński)
"Ktokolwiek widział" (2004, directed by / realization: Radek "LarryTM" Grabiński)
"Królowa" (2004, directed by / realization: Radek "LarryTM" Grabiński)
"Lunar" (2005, directed by: no data)

source: Wikipedia