Frédéric Chopin
Audio Tracks
Concerto No. 2 F minor 1st movement
Nico Snel conducts the Seattle Philharmonic
Opus No. 25 Twelve Grande Etude F minor
Martha Goldstein, piano
Mazurka A minor Op.17 no. 4
Performed by Giorgi Latsabidze
Opus 10  Twelve Grand Etudes  C minor Revolutionary
Performed by: Martha Goldstein
Waltz in D flat major Minute Waltz Op 64 no.1
Performed by Peter Gerwinski
Prelude Op 28 no. 4
Porticodoro / SmartCGArt Media Productions
Op 40 no. 1 Military Polonais
Performed by Romuald Greiss on an 1850 Budynowicz piano
Ballade Op 23 no. 1 in g minor
Performed by Donald Betts. Courtesy of Musopen.
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Portrait of Frederic Chopin by Ary Scheffer Oil on Canvas April 1847
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