Zdzislaw Krasnodebski Polish Ace Pilot WW2
Ludwig Paszkiewic Polish Ace Pilot WW2
NN Lokuciewski Polish Ace Pilot WW2
Witold Urbanowicz Polish Ace Pilot WW2
Bienkowski-Zumbach display Trophy
The Polish Squadron WW2
Jozef Frantisek (Czech) and friend of Poland
Zdzislaw Krasnodebski
Ludwig Paszkiewic
Witold Urbanowicz
Zdzislaw Henneberg
NN Lokuciewski
Polish Ace Pilots of the 303 squadron, Aug 1942, Kirton-in-Lindsay
Polish General Władysław Sikorski awarded Order of Virtuti Militari
to Jan Zumbach
King George VI visited the unit during the Battle of Britain on September
26. Just left of him, partly visible is S/Ldr Urbanowicz, who took over after
S/Ldr Krasnodebski was wounded. Presenting pilots is S/Ldr Kellet. King
shakes hand with P/O Feric, who oh his right has P/O Zumbach, F/O
Cebrzynski and F/O Januszewicz.
Bienkowski-Zumbach display Trophy.
RAF Northolt May 19, 1942. S/Ldr Zumbach took over the command.
303 Squadron pilots: L-R:  F/O  Zdzislaw Henneberg, British F/L John
Kent and F/O Marian Pisarek.  RAF Leconfield on 24 October  26,
1940. (behind them is one of the squadrons' Hurricane planes)
303 Squadron Jozef Frantisek
Polish 303 Ground Crew, Lenconsfield
303  Squadron Ground Crew at Lenconsfield. Do you see the  number 126 on the fuselage
and under the badge?  It signifies the unit's tally during the Battle of Britain.
Publicity photo of the pilots of  303 Squadron:  P/O Mroczyk (left), Sgt Rokitnicki, F/Lt Bienkowski, Sgt Gorecki,
F/O Drobinski, S/Ldr Zumbach, P/O Kolecki, F/O Zarebski and Sgt Szymkowiak.ots, Aug 1942, Kirton-in-Lindsay
King George VI paid tribute to Polish Squadron
Hennenberg, Kent, Pisarek  Polish Ace Pilots WW2
Zdislaw Hennenberg Polish Ace Pilot WW2
303 Kosciuszko Squadron. After another successful sortie: Feric (left), Kent, Grzeszczak, Radomski, Zumbach, Lokuciewski,
Mierzwa (partially visible), Henneberg, Rogowski and Szaposznikow.
S/Ldr Jan Falkowski
Closeup photo of fuselage of one of the planes
of 303 Kosciuszko Squadron
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