Polish civilians expelled from Western Poland, WW2
Polish and Jewish POWs in 1939
Polish Prisones of War WW2
Polish civilians hanged by the Nazis
Nazi firing squad killing Poles
Nazi torture method Polish victims
German labor camp for Polish POWs
Execution of Mother and child by Nazi soldier
Nazis prepare to execute Polish partisans
Nazi executes Polish priest, Father Piotr Sosnowski, near Tuchola
Polish civilians led by Nazis to execution site
Execution of Poles by Nazis
Execution of Poles by German Einstazkomando October 1939
Nazi humiliates a Polish Jew
Nazi brutality
Jewish women and children await execution by Ukrainians
1944 Nazi killing civilians
Women in Nazi Labor Camp
Young Polish girl wailing over the body of her dead sister Sept 1939
Poles and Jewish POW soldiers, 1939
Poles expelled from Western Poland
Nazi execute Father Piotr Sosnowski, near Tuchola